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Craft Beer in Calgary

A few decades ago, Calgary's craft beer scene was much like anywhere else: flat, and pushed aside in favor of mass produced beer. However, the last few decades have brought renewed interest in artisan beers and people have started to increasingly demand craft brew in Calgary bars and restaurants. Whereas some pubs in the Canadian city used to only have a few craft beers on tap, many now have upwards of 100 due to customer demand.

Craft beer Calgary trends have led to some businesses becoming booming ventures. One such example is Brewsters, which has five locations in Calgary and offers many craft beers that can't be found anywhere else. Wild Rose Brewery in Calgary has become well known for its selection of brew, which consists entirely of house made beers. Beer lovers who want something new tend to come here, as the menu and tap selection are always changing.

Customers in Calgary aren't just interested in locally made craft beer, although they certainly are loyal to brews made in the area. Some pubs have made a name for themselves showcasing beers from around the world, such as Bottlescrew Bill's Pub. This local spot in Calgary has been in existence for over 30 years and now offers over 300 beers from 35 countries around the globe.

What many pub and restaurant owners have learned is that people who are willing to shell out money for finely crafted beer often like well made munchies to go along with it. Bars used to serve cold peanuts and popcorn along with pints, and that was enough to appease the masses. Today, food pairing with craft beer has gotten almost as intricate as pairing food with wine. This is why craft beer Calgary pubs often serve dishes such as artisan burgers, flatbreads, and charcuterie that are meant to enhance the flavors of the beers on tap. Tacos, lettuce wraps, steak bites, and gourmet nachos are also popular food items on the menus of Calgary's craft beer pubs.



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Did you know the word 'brasserie' is French, and by extension means: "the brewing business"?

We may be passionate about food, but we know a thing or two about beer. With over 50 unique beers available, we were one of the first locations in Calgary to offer such an extensive selection of craft and specialty beers.

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